Little Cypress Baptist Church

I Accepted Christ- What's Next?

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Who could have imagined just a few years ago, the demands and pressures that would be on individuals and families today. Little Cypress Baptist Church has been helping people for over 70 years. We provide a place for people to meet with God, be changed by His Word, and make lifelong friends. Some have decided that there is no time for church these days. That is because they have not experienced what Jesus had in mind when He established the church. Just showing up on Sunday morning leaves most people wondering if that experience is all there is to the Christian experience. A person has to commit to be a follower of Christ as well as committing to serve with a church family before they "get it". You still only get what you put into something, and I guess you always will. Jesus is alive and well at Little Cypress Baptist, an imperfect family with a perfect Savior and God.